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JackWoodsNG's News

Posted by JackWoodsNG - 8 days ago

Disciplinary Reinforcement

Featuring newly designed villain Jane Willows

Available for 1$



Posted by JackWoodsNG - 2 weeks ago

New Commission: Pulled Through (for Pious Seeker)

A Junji Ito-like monster that can pull people through locks

Available for 1$



Posted by JackWoodsNG - May 28th, 2021

It is I, the red hooded pale zombie who keeps flatlining online, thought some of you would like an update on how things are going, Been busy ever since I got into this well paid but time consuming job, attending to calls

It has several campaigns, and I just didn't get certified to this current one, so I just got some time while I get transferred to the next

sorry I get so inactive sometimes, I got stuff to attend to and I'm still not in a good position to fully dedicate myself to what I love


Posted by JackWoodsNG - April 16th, 2021

Today was an amazing birthday, being Art day, Anime day, and the 20th anniversary of a coffee brand I personally enjoy, I gotta say it made me feel special

and I can't be any more thankful of being who I am and having the things I have, knowing the people I know and just getting this far, turning 20 today and becoming an adult, who knows his aspirations well


Posted by JackWoodsNG - April 15th, 2021

Will soon upload a SFW version of a commission I just finished, but in the mean time, I'll be celebrating my birhday cuz man do I long for small breaks like these from all the work and rushes


Posted by JackWoodsNG - April 14th, 2021

Been busy caught up with work and unfinished projects, but the good news we got today is that in scanners his cancer is no longer visible

he'll be taking his last chemo, and will be checked again if it ever comes back in august

It seems my father beat cancer, in the midst of a pandemic, I can only dream of being that strong one day doesn't mean I won't try though


Posted by JackWoodsNG - February 5th, 2021


Posted by JackWoodsNG - February 3rd, 2021

Apologies for the lack of uploads lately, taking care of my Dad has been time consuming not to mention finding a new part time Job

Though on a good note for whoever cares to know, my Dad's been doing better after his 4th Chemo, he can now go up and down the stairs, meaning we can let him and mom sleep in their room downstairs, I'll no longer have that for myself but I'll finally get to sleep in my bed

I may have mentioned this before but my phone fell on a bucket of water, I looked for it the whole day and by the time I found it, it was already too late, to this day it's been on Rice and it doesn't work, huge bummer, and reason I'm inactive on Instagram, but It'll take time for me to get enough money to buy another phone, hope nobody there is too upset

If it helps I have managed to finish Jack's design for good, and both his and Anti's character in general, their Character sheets are available on my Patreon and Jack's design is uploaded here

Thank you guys for so much, sorry for so little


Posted by JackWoodsNG - November 11th, 2020

After this one you'll see more regular drawings, sorry for the long hiatus

Been taking care of my dad, he's been very sick but fortunately we have been told it's nor tumors nor cancer so we just hope ge gets well soon

Still, I'll be trying to get more content out, I got quite depressed for a while but I'm starting to get more productive



Posted by JackWoodsNG - October 14th, 2020

I figured I'd update you guys on a more personal level because I do get the feeling that from an outsider perspective since my last news where I just kinda vented about the problems I had at the time, it may seem concerning to some people and they might be wondering if I'm doing well

I'm doing better now, Grace is back from the Hospital, she's taking some newly prescribed medication and so far the only problem is she's been very fatigued, and we're trying to see what we can do about it, still, I appreciate having her around and I know she feels the same despite her problems

Monetarily I am one dollar away from being able to withdraw my first 25$ which in MXN Pesos is quite a lot, thanks to one of my first patrons, who decided to overpay me to kickstart this passion job, I'm still correcting some issues I'm having with my programs, mainly faulty drivers, Adobe being dumb when it comes to pen pressure settings, and a bunch of technical stuff, that I gotta work around cuz my computer ain't that spacious

Basically, if you reading this, made it here, I appreciate your concern, I am getting back on my feet, and I hope you're soon able to do the same if you're going through a hard time, as many of us in these times may be, if you're doing well, then great for you, enjoy these kinda moments to their fullest!

Again, thanks for the support!