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I figured I'd update you guys on a more personal level because I do get the feeling that from an outsider perspective since my last news where I just kinda vented about the problems I had at the time, it may seem concerning to some people and they might be wondering if I'm doing well

I'm doing better now, Grace is back from the Hospital, she's taking some newly prescribed medication and so far the only problem is she's been very fatigued, and we're trying to see what we can do about it, still, I appreciate having her around and I know she feels the same despite her problems

Monetarily I am one dollar away from being able to withdraw my first 25$ which in MXN Pesos is quite a lot, thanks to one of my first patrons, who decided to overpay me to kickstart this passion job, I'm still correcting some issues I'm having with my programs, mainly faulty drivers, Adobe being dumb when it comes to pen pressure settings, and a bunch of technical stuff, that I gotta work around cuz my computer ain't that spacious

Basically, if you reading this, made it here, I appreciate your concern, I am getting back on my feet, and I hope you're soon able to do the same if you're going through a hard time, as many of us in these times may be, if you're doing well, then great for you, enjoy these kinda moments to their fullest!

Again, thanks for the support!

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