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It's such a catchy backing track!

You thought it was gonna be an at least 3 years old comment, BUT IT WAS I, DIO!

Lemme tell ya it does feel "Hydraulic" aight'

Man did i post terrible comments here when i was a kid

i was also terrible at English, like damn :^

What program did you use?
i'm finding the best progam that i can use for making music (Dubstep)

Damn you took my idea!!!
and even better than mine in FL studio ._.

any recomendations?

(Except of watching the volume of some beats to make it sound more balanced)

orionagb21 responds:

Hi man, thanks! I made this a veeeery long time ago, the kickdrum isn't even made by me, my style has evolved soo much since this haha.

Well, the advice i can give you now is to try out CamelPhat3, Ohmicide, and Devastator for hardcore kicks. To make the main sample I use MicroTonic, or, in more recent times (mostly because MicroTonic doesn't work properly on my new computer) a combination of different synths, like Harmor and KICK (a kickdrum synthesizer by Sonic Academy).

For leads and such, try out Sylenth1, it's simple and easy to use, yet you can get som pretty sweet sounds out of it! :)

Although I rarely produce any Hardcore Techno these days, I hope this was to your help! :)
Here's a link to my old SoundCloud account ff you want to check out some of my later Hardcore Techno tracks! https://soundcloud.com/neoprospect

Cheers mate!

I love the way you always make melodies that makes you bang your head.
i wish i had that ability, i 've been trying to make a remix from Calliope on Fl Studio
but i just can't make it sound good, it always sounds monotone, i think i'll have
to practice more with the program ._.

or find another one


Metaljonus responds:


So... years ago i commented that i had to only listen to this in fragments cuz otherwise "my eyes would explode" i think that at the time i meant to say "ears"

not that the comment would've been any much better anyway, but damn is the song still good :u

And Since That Day....My Favourite Song And Author Came To My Life :3

Try not to bleed, I can only get so much stronger


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